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Inspiring the creative class through the celebration of collaboration.

Charting the power and passion of collaboration for the creative class, WeTransfer presents Work In Progress, a documentary video series exploring the creative process of some of the world’s most groundbreaking artists. 

Commissioned by WeTransfer and created by our entertainment company Pi Studios, this four part documentary series celebrates the type of collaboration central to WeTransfer’s role as a conduit for creatives to share and workshop their projects with one another. The series will premiere on WeTransfer’s editorial platform WePresent with new episodes posted throughout 2018. The first episode, which profiles the creative dynamics between iconic Icelandic musician BJÖRK and Japanese artist JESSE KANDA, who creates surreal visuals for her music videos. 

The first episode of Work In Progress hones in on the creative process between Björk and visual artist, friend and long-time collaborator Jesse Kanda. The film shows how and why the duo are drawn to each other’s way of working, and it gives an intimate insight into their collaboration. Filmed in London and Iceland, it traces Björk’s own personal journey creatively and the influence of nature on her artistic process. It also builds a picture of their individual artistic sensibilities and how Iceland’s overwhelming beauty, the Reykjavík music scene and death and decay feed into the ideas that underpin their work. 

Work In Progress is an unparalleled window into the mind of one of music’s most creative icons. It marks Jesse Kanda’s first ever video interview. WeTransfer was first inspired to document this relationship through working with Bjork, Kanda and Arca for the premiere of their video Arisen My Senses. 

Work In Progress explores how iconic collaborations are inspired by and how they influence political, geographical, and cultural factors in today’s world.

From high-profile collaborations between generation-defining artists such as Björk, to grass roots ideas exchange shaping the world around us, Work In Progress gives a snapshot of how the creative process works in 2018, and beyond. Future episodes will explore activism, cross-cultural exchange, the internet and travel.

Jamal Dauda, Global Head of Music WeTransfer: “Our mission at WeTransfer is to enable the effortless transfer of ideas. With 75% of our users being creatives, we are constantly striving to empower creative minds to find inspiration and create, share and present new work. With this series we wanted to look at how collaboration really works. We want to go beyond the standard ‘behind-the-scenes’, and tap into what creativity looks, sounds and feels like. We don’t claim to explain it, but we believe that by showing how creative minds see the worlds around them, and understand each other, we’ll window onto some of the magic and the mystery.