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How WeTransfer shifted from sponsoring the Creative Class to inspiring them

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The story of how WeTransfer shifted from sponsoring the Creative Class to inspiring them, with the most successful documentary series in the
platform’s history.

TASK: Give WeTransfer a fresh point of view on creativity
With 75% of their users being creatives, WeTransfer wanted to not only facilitate the creation of new work, but inspire it.

PROBLEM: Stuck in a role of sponsorship
WeTransfer sponsors a lot of artists and the work they produce, but had not yet created any content from their own point of view of what it means to be a creative.

STRATEGY: The beautiful truth of collaboration
Collaboration is central to the process of creativity. It is what inspires the creative class and brings their concepts to life. But what does this collaboration really look, sound and feel like? We set out to showcase how creative minds see the world around them and examined the intimate dynamics of how they collaborate, capturing the nuances of the creative process.

CREATIVE IDEA: Work in Progress
A four part documentary video series exploring the creative process of some of the world’s most groundbreaking artists-- giving a snapshot of how the creative process works in 2018, and beyond.


Documentary Series

Episode 1
This episode features friends and artistic soulmates Björk and Jesse Kanda, exploring how and why the duo are drawn to each other’s way of working.



Episode 2
88rising is a collective of ten Asian hip-hop artists. Described as a family and a creative energy, this episode looks at what 88rising means to its members.

Episode 3
In this film, Lykke reflects on the three key life events that moved her to make the album and how motherhood has unexpectedly fueled her creativity.

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