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Desperados Train Trax: Switching tracks with vertical video

Desperados Beer | Train Trax | Global Campaign

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Turning a 10 tonne train into a musical experiment with +35 million views.

Our most recent wild experimentation saw Desperados team up with DJ powerhouse Mount Kimbie to turn a 10 ton commuter train into a one-off venue. Train and track were wired with RFID sensors, that triggered musical notes and drums when the train sped through. Onboard the band played live, sync'd to the beat. And as the train's speed increased, so did the BPM of the track. Fans and party-goers in the carriage joined in, activating samples and light shows helping to create a spectacular live performance. The entire experiment was shared as an arresting vertical video on social. The head of Facebook's creative shop remarked "It's one of the best examples of vertical content I've seen...optimised for consumers experience of video". The act was also the linchpin in a localised strategy of activations that transformed journeys into party destinations across 7 markets.



Behind the Scenes

Launched across 7 global markets

Over 35m global video views

Covered in online music press