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TED: United In Time with mobile-first social recruitment

TED Conferences | TEDxAmsterdam 2014 | Branding and Campaign


A snapshot of humanity, reaching the world with social media

The theme of TEDxAmsterdam 2014 conference was "time". We branded the event and created an integrated campaign called ‘The Human Clock’, a living timepiece filled with thousands of one-second, user-uploaded faces from across the globe. It tick-ticked in real time demonstrating the one construct we share regardless of race or religion. We are all ‘United In Time’ and thousands of faces from 34 different countries joined in to bring it to life. The campaign utilized cutting edge mobile first app design so that users could participate in the campaign on the go.


Won FWA Mobile site of the day and FHWA Website of the day

2500 faces in 6 days

The highest organic reach of a TEDx campaign to date: 200k views.

The most organically engaged campaign to-date, with 8% of users uploading and sharing their faces (3k faces = 1 hour).