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Ninjago: Don't sell bricks, sell worlds.

LEGO | Ninjago and Chima | Product Development

Co-developing blockbuster toy and entertainment franchise

As LEGO's global creative partner our task is to collaborate with product and marketing teams on driving long term business growth through collaboration on what LEGO calls its 'Big Bang' initiatives. In response to LEGO’s brief to double sales in 5 years, we encouraged the brand to create their own IP's with NINJAGO and LEGO CHIMA. That means instead of buying from Hollywood, LEGO sells to Hollywood, bringing stories to life across a multitude of touchpoints, from play themes to smartphones, theme parks, TV shows and beyond. LEGO NINJAGO was a runaway success, today it is one of the largest children's franchises the portfolio. And in 2017 LEGO will launch the Ninjago Hollywood Movie, demonstrating the power of storytelling to drive business success.

LEGO Ninjago

LEGO Chima

25% jump in revenues and 31% rise in net profits in 2015, thanks to strong product innovation on themes such as LEGO® NINJAGO™

Helping LEGO jump from #3 to #1 ahead of Hasbro and Mattel.

LEGO Ninjago, 3rd largest product in the global portfolio. IP licensed for video games, theme park, merchandise.

Immersive 3-4 year story, characters and worlds.

LEGO Ninjago No. 1 TV show for boys in the USA.

The Ninjago Movie. Coming soon to a screen near you in 2017.