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Talent Producer

WE ARE Pi / Pi Studios is looking for an experienced Producer. Who has 5+ years of demonstrable experience in leadership of complex creative projects from brief to market. Has worked with high level talent and management around them on at least 3 major projects. Has successfully managed creative, fashion and production teams, has extensive knowledge of post-production techniques and emerging tech for both moving image and stills. Has worked in fashion and lifestyle space and has a thorough understanding of the commercial and editorial space within this sector. Understands how to engage legal, business affairs and finance to ensure smooth sailing on each and every project. Wants to make extraordinary work.


ANTICIPATE - prepare for the worst, plan for the best, reality check along the way
ADD VALUE - use your eye, experience, talent network and resources to make a “great” idea outstanding
DRIVE EXCELLENCE - help craft the best product with the best partners within reach


You’ll need to structure projects and pitch ideas that will take us into new ground, by:

  • Finding the best solutions to create award-worthy work that will move the world forward

  • Managing quality control, timings and budgets to keep everyone on task

  • Negotiating great deals with exceptional partners

  • Managing many different personalities and teams to achieve our overall goals

  • Maintaining a network of consistently helpful suppliers, finding resourceful solutions

  • Making sure our financial and operational processes are followed

  • Understanding drivers of performance, growth and profitability

  • Communicating clearly and consistently, and contributing often.



You’ll be allocated to a project that best suits your skills.  Your team will be tailored to the job, and you’ll be collectively accountable for its success. You’ll also need to:

  • Lead, manage and inspire individuals through prolonged periods of problem-solving

  • Manage up effectively, raising niggles before they become issues

  • Supervise, mentor and advise junior producers to help them execute excellence

  • Build and manage production teams (requesting resource where required)

  • Manage internal and external production partners.