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Strategy Director

WE ARE Pi is looking for a Strategy Director. You are a leader with a proven track record of success at leading innovative brand strategies and embracing the weird. You have a need to explore the more unusual spaces that brands can inhabit. You have the rigour and storytelling ability to build solid foundations and communicate your gameplans clearly. You understand how culture intersects with marketing.



  • Be the most enthusiastic supporter of people and ideas

  • Build strong client and partner agency relationships

  • Fuel the creative process with societal, cultural and audience insights

  • Collaborate with project teams to add value throughout the development of work

  • Provide clear, constructive and actionable feedback to teams

  • Provide a strong and informed point of view on how the brand should behave and capture opportunities for growth that exist in the market

  • Lead internal, partner and client presentations

  • Lead new business and represent Pi’s strategic view in market

  • Support Pi Studios’ strategy and input where appropriate

  • Manage other planners in your team.



  • Ability to package information in clear, concise and impactful ways

  • Adept at navigating complex client organisations and simultaneously managing multiple client relationships

  • Excellent at summarising and making complex information accessible

  • Critical judge of creative work

  • Collaborative with the ability to build on ideas

  • Highly motivated, adaptable and open



  • 5+ years experience in an agency environment

  • Deep knowledge of cultural and human trends

  • Proven track record of successes (recognized awards i.e. Effie)

  • Global advertising experience or equivalent marketing strategy

  • Ability to build clients and expansion of client accounts

  • Self motivated and willing to expand knowledge

  • Ability to self-manage

  • Exceptional communication and presentation skills

  • Ability to lead client relationships

  • Ability to inspire a team