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Sound Stage: Blending experiential with world class content

Desperados Beer | Sound Stage | Global Campaign

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Blending experiential with world class content

Desperados, HEINEKEN’S tequila flavoured beer brand, again pushed the boundaries of wild experiments in music by teaming up with KiNK, legendary Bulgarian producer and DJ, to create the world’s first, international DIY sound system performance.

KiNK played the role of DJ, conductor and producer, by using custom built sound systems as instruments and global music influencers as musicians, to produce an unorthodox assortment of sounds. This inspired KiNK to create the exclusive track “I Can See Through You” in real time.

Desperados Sound Stage: W.T.F. (Watt The Frequency), is the fifth act in a series of unique music experiences, which saw 300 partygoers descend upon Amsterdam’s Sugar City to take part in an interactive live party for music lovers, directed by KiNK. Amsterdam-based ideas company WE ARE Pi created the multi-act campaign called “Release Your Inner Tequila” for Desperados. 

Each sound system was sourced from the local music scene of its country of origin, including Germany, Netherlands and the UK, to create a truly global sound. Using materials such as faders attached to organs, electronic oil drums and even disused cars, the distinct medley of sounds, under KiNK’s direction, came together to create one exceptional track.


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