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PR Manager

WE ARE Pi is looking for an experienced PR/Publicity Manager.

You have bags of energy, and you’re keen to help build the reputation of a progressive and unusual creative business.  You have the ability to formulate plans and drive creative ideas into market. You’ll collaborate with people throughout the business to draw on our slate of ideas, our campaigns and strategies to excite both the consumer and trade press.

You’ll be writing press releases, scheduling local and international launches, liaising with journalists, talent representatives and talent, implementing screenings and assisting with promotion of internal talent and profile development.  Ideally you’ll have great connections in the music industry press and the film industry.

  • Have 7 years of experience in a entertainment PR setting - either agency, distributor or TV network - and a familiarity with the festivals and awards space

  • Possess a keen understanding of social and influencer networks

  • Be able & willing to think on an international level

  • Communicate clearly and negotiate with confidence

  • Have excellent media relationships and the ability to deal effectively with talent, talent reps, journalists and other media influencers

  • Willing and excited to manage the company’s social media stories

  • Be able to recognise the strengths in our diversity of output and build proactive initiatives