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House Party: Increasing engagement by 43.8%

Desperados | House Party Plugged | global campaign

Plugging into culture and increasing engagement by 43.8%

hosted the ultimate house party where we plugged and played the house. With help of Grammy nominated music producer Riton and London's music influencers, we turned a house into a giant synthesiser and re-worked 'Rinse & Repeat' into an experimental remix. During the two day event, every part of the house, from the pots and pans to the stairs, was rigged to become the bass line, the beat and the vocals of the track. An act that firmly established the brand's purpose to push music culture forward through experimentation.  

12.6M views globally (across hero & BTS assets)

43.8% increase in Facebook and Twitter engagement globally.

14.4% increase in Facebook and Twitter auidence.

40k views from one (unpaid) post from Riton