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How Nikon shifted from functional first to culture first

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nikon wedding

The story of how Nikon shifted from functional first to culture first by riding the royal wedding phenomenon to sales success

TASK: Launch the new NIKON D850
Create a video photography influencer series to launch the new NIKON D850 and encourage consideration.

PROBLEM: Nikon lacks video credibility
Nikon lacks a presence of video credibility within the photography community

STRATEGY: Convention Is Meant To Be Broken
The Difference Makers don’t just capture culture, they create it. They are an emerging generation of hybrid creators constantly looking for new ways to tell stories and capture big moments, like weddings. So we set out to show how the NIKON D850 matches their modern take on storytelling, leveraging the cultural and convention-breaking narrative of the Royal Wedding between Harry and Meghan.

CREATIVE IDEA: Four Weddings, a new perspective on nuptial
Shot entirely on the Nikon D850, this digital campaign centered around a Guardian media partnership. The documentary looks at the shifting perceptions of marriage around the world, examining what it means to be a bride in 2018.

IMPACT: The Guardian’s most successful branded documentary
Video views for the campaign exceeded KPIs by 200%, generating a total of 1.55M views— and has been heralded the most successful branded documentary The Guardian has ever made.