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WE ARE Pi talks at Marketing 2020

Marketing 2020 invited WE ARE Pi Founder, Alex Bennett Grant to talk in London about the building blocks to delivering the right Total Experience for brands, based on learning from LEGO IP development. As part of the CMO Benchmarking Network, Marketing 2020 enlisted the help of industry experts, both within brands, and those who have helped brands with the delivery of different aspects of the Customer Experience. Alex gave perspectives on key questions posed by brand marketers. What do you have to concentrate on first? Where are the biggest wins to be made? What are the misconceptions on what consumers really value? Where is budget best spent? http://www.marketing2020.org/files/totalexperience19sept.pdf

Fellow participants included: Charlie Hiscocks Director for Integrated Activation Capability, SABMiller, Paul Santen MB Vermeer Associate, Jim Slater Managing Director, Costa Enterprises, Brad Doble MD, Lambie-Nairn Munich, Will Orr MD Central Heating Installations, British Gas.