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The Desperados Bass Drop

We came, we saw and we dropped the bass like no-one has ever dropped the bass before. Teaming up with uber-experimental dance label The Barong Family, DJ Mike Cervello and acclaimed neuroscientist Dr Daniel Levitin we dared to remix the rules and take the bass drop to a higher level, literally.

Our Bass Drop experiment is the first music festival to be held in zero gravity. We transformed an aeroplane into a pulsating club, with a light show and sound system and flew to 30,000ft above Las Vegas. As the plane dropped to 15,000ft so did the bass, and when the bass dropped so did the dance floor sending the crowd floating and dancing in zero gravity.

The crowd were an eclectic mix of lucky winners and influencers from all over the world who joined us in Las Vegas for this wild experiment.

Here are some words from the press: