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Inner Tequila Studios: A rallying cry for Gen Z

Desperados Beer | Inner Tequila Studios | Global Brand Platform

Moving from a cultural cannibal to culture creator.

We created a global brand strategy for Desperados that put purpose at its heart. Inner Tequila Studios was created as a global platform initiating 'wild experiments' in music and encouraging creativity from the inside out. Build on the brand's heritage of experimental recipes (beer + tequila), we turned a product truth into a philosophy and invited consumers to join us with experimentation at every touchpoint from products to culture with the CTA "Release Your Inner Tequila".

Inner Tequila Studios seen as a small hot shop based in Berlin or East London.

Authentic link between culture of Inner Tequila Studios and Desperados established.

Crucially, ITS supports Millennials understanding of creative purpose as non-traditional advertising.

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