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How Heineken built their brand on local insights, proving football is more thrilling when shared

Heineken Champions League | Ukraine

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The story of how Heineken built their brand on local insights, proving that football is more thrilling when shared.

TASK: Build local relevance
With the final of the UEFA Champions League hosted in Kiev, we need to show Ukrainians the final is a match worth sharing, all the while helping position Heineken as the beer that crosses borders.

PROBLEM: Heineken choice suffers against locally crafted beers
But with Ukrainian shelves predominantly filled with locally crafted beers, and Heineken blurring into one amongst the range of international beers; we needed to prove our cultural relevance to Ukrainians.

STRATEGY: The Champions League is best shared
Research revealed a tension: Instead of using football to socialise, 72% of Ukrainian men choose to watch football at home and alone. So we set out to show Ukrainians that by sharing the game they can be at the heart of the action.

CREATIVE IDEA: The Test— Measure the Drama
Putting a group of fans under the microscope to measure the drama they experience throughout the match. Proving that football is more thrilling when shared.

IMPACT: The campaign launched on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube and saw social engagement skyrocket, generating 460k views on YouTube and reaching 2.4M people-- a near representation of Kiev’s population.


Real employees of Kiev’s Chop-Chop barbershop were sent on a ‘team building day,” without realising they were about to participate in “The Test,” a series of experiments aimed at showing that the drama of football is best shared with mates.