Never Settle

DESPERADOS: Inner Tequila Studios

The Story of how Desperados shifted from beach beer
to iconic party-starter, supporting 13% growth

TASK: Become Iconic in the eyes of Millennials
Desperados came to us with a bold objective:
To become the most iconic drink for the global Millennial generation.

PROBLEM: No Point of View
Desperados’ brand purpose lacked a clear point of view and wasn’t able to cut through and resonate with the target who perceived it to be just another Mexican beach beer.

STRATEGY: Release Your Inner Tequila
Our Millennial consumers are ‘Anticipators’; global urbanites live on the edge of identity defining experiences, but too often lack the mindset to live life to the fullest. Desperados was born a wild experiment of Beer+Tequila that ignites the party spirit in all of us.

CREATIVE IDEA: Inner Tequila Studios
Desperados consumers want to experiences to share, not ads to block.
So we developed Inner Tequila Studios: A fully integrated 360° brand platform serving as a global stage for bombastic wild experiments in in music. After six global brand acts supported by digitally-led TTL campaigns, we’ve solidified Desperado’s position as a party-starter and
kept fans on the edge of anticipation.

Explore our six global activations below