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 The story of how Channel 4 shifted from fading relevance to winning new audiences, with its first ever Instagram stories documentary

TASK: Attract younger audience
The UK broadcaster wanted to inspire it’s core audience while still attracting a younger base through pop culture

PROBLEM: Channel 4’s audience share was aging
Channel 4 has huge sway in the UK, but as it’s core audience share was growing older, the broadcaster needed to attract younger viewers without alienating its existing base.

STRATEGY: Today’s fans are tomorrow’s creators
In an age where UK clubs were shutting down and achieving superstar DJs status seems unreachable, we set out to show younger audiences the power of creativity to inspire musical movements. We did this by showing the unexpected DIY history of the one of the world's most iconic genres, house music. Our message? ‘Your DIY creativity is all it takes to change the world.’

CREATIVE: ‘I was there when house took over the world’
A two-part TV series for Channel 4 and the world’s first Instagram stories music documentary for LAD Bible. The show traces the social and cultural environment which gave rise to the house genre, and the chart-climbing global ascent which followed. The series features iconic artists such as Nile Rodgers, Marshall Jefferson and Honey Dijon.

IMPACT: Winner of ‘Best use of content on social platform’ 2017
This campaign created the first ever Instagram stories documentary in partnership with Lad Bible, and generated over 8MM video views and 11MM impressions. The series was also screened at the Copenhagen International Documentary Festival (CPH DOX), and won ‘best use of content on a social platform’ at the 2017 Drum Content Awards.

Documentary Series

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