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Desperados drops Bass in zero gravity, beating KPIs by 374%

Desperados | Bass Drop | Global Campaign

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Desperados drops Bass in zero gravity, beating KPIs by 374%

For our second Desperados activation we took the party 30,000ft into the sky— transforming an aeroplane into a zero-gravity festival-venue, equipt with a state of the art light show and sound-system, then we invited the public and  DJ group The Barong Family for a ride into the skies above Las Vegas.

IMPACT: Filmed in motion and broadcast across nine global markets, Bass Drop blasted through Facebook benchmarks by 374% and the hero film out-performed industry standards by 252%. Overall, the campaign generated over 150 million impressions, 58.1 million views and 329 thousand engagements. With a 95% view-through-rate on Spotify in the UK and a 97.3% positive sentiment score, base drop surpassed all expectations and set the industry bar high for branded events.

Winner of GRAND PRIX and BEST CAMPAIGN at Drum Content Awards 2017

Winner of Branded Content + People's Choice at Lovies Awards 2017


Desperados x Bass Drop

How does a zero gravity festival make you feel?