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How Ace & Tate shifted from affordable style to reframing identity with eyewear

Ace & Tate | Me, Myself & I | SS18 Campaign 


The story of how Ace & Tate shifted from affordable style to reframing identity with eyewear

TASK: Scale retail brand, with purpose
Support brand growth by bringing the new brand purpose ‘Empower People to Gain New Perspective’ to life.

PROBLEM: One-and-done consumer journey
Ace & Tate’s customer base had a one-and-done approach to shopping at the retailer. To bring their brand purpose to life, we needed to encourage consumers to buy more than one pair of spectacles.

STRATEGY: Reframe Your Identity, With Ace & Tate Eyewear
For style conscious consumers, choosing a pair of spectacles is a major identity-defining decision, surfacing many insecurities. So we set out to change the one-dimensional perspective on identity and show people they don’t have to be defined by a single frame. Positioning Ace & Tate as the facilitator of identity fluidity when it comes to self-expression.

CREATIVE IDEA: Me, Myself & I, eyewear for every side of you
A campaign which moves focus from the frames to the faces behind them; examining six complex and incredibly unique characters and the different sides of their identities. To capture the uniqueness of individuals and the different sides of their identities, we chose to use social workers, DJs and furniture designers instead of social influencers.


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